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Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Summer is finally here according to the calendar. I am not quite sure if we had a spring this year and I cannot believe June is almost over. I know I spent some time not long ago sharing about how time gets away from us and it seems to get faster every day.

All the churches on the Mountaintop Ministries Charge are doing well. We had a very successful Vacation Bible School between Main St., Walnut St., Presbyterian and Catholic churches. I just want thank everyone who planned, volunteered, and participated this year. Mt. Zion just had their lawn party and it was a success as well. We pray for all the churches and hope we continue to grow.

We finally got the community garden planted. I do not recall a spring in which people had such a difficult time planting their garden. There have been a few gardens that just got planted. Our garden has five rows of potatoes, which are blooming as I am writing this article, 70 some tomato plants, four rows of green beans and four rows of corn. The rain is always good, but I do wish it would let up a little bit so we can schedule time to work in it. Our prayer and goal through is to get at least one person involved in the garden which leads them to a local church.

Julia Sim gave me a prayer for the garden and I cannot find it, so I would like to share a prayer as I close out the newsletter.

Lord in the beginning when you created the world you placed human beings in the garden to take care of it. I realized we sinned and were banned from the garden. In your grace and mercy you still loved us and desired a relationship with us. God you carried it out through your son Jesus Christ who died on a cross for our sins. Thank you for loving us that much. However, we still had to work the ground to provide food for ourselves. Taking care of a garden is not an easy task, but you know we have need for food. We ask your blessing upon our community garden. Help all the vegetables to grow and flourish. Give us an abundance to make a difference in this town. Be with us as we work and tend it. Help us to build relationships with a person, which furthers your kingdom here and in the future. Be with us and guide us as we god through life for we ask this all in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.
— Pastor Mike Loudermilk