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Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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I was just wondering today if spring was ever going to get here.  I know the calendar says it is.  Looking back on February it was really nice compared to March.  We finally got enough snow to shovel at parsonage.  Spring is a time when everything comes to life and people begin to plant gardens.

When spring does come, we are going to plant a community garden in Franklin.  I have prayed about the garden and feel God leading us in this direction.  Ruth Hott and family have been gracious to allow us to plant beside her house.  The garden is an idea I have had for a few years.  It is also, a project born out of necessity as well.  My last year of residency school requires me to do a fruitful project.

My idea in the beginning was to do project for Mountain Top Ministries.  However, I have decided not to limit the project to just the charge.  I want to allow the project to move in all directions.  If we can connect with CAN, Ministerial Association, Elementary Schools, Community Action and any other groups it will be important to the project.  I want the people of our churches to build relationships with people in our community.  The main point of project is being able to see people build these relationships.  In reality we could plant the garden and donate the vegetables to CAN and it would be a good thing, but I want it to be more.

On April 15, @ 6 pm we will be having a potluck dinner at Walnut St. UMC.  We will take up an offering during the dinner which will go to support the garden.  The first year we will probably keep the garden pretty basic; potatoes, green beans, corn, and tomatoes. 

Pay attention to your bulletin’s because more information will be forthcoming.  I will be talking to Bruce to see when we can get the ground worked and come up with a schedule of when we will plant and take care of garden.  We will pick a couple of days a week to meet and take care of it.  If you have any questions or ideas let me know.  The project will be a work in process and we will learn together.  I do believe this is a great opportunity for Church to make a connection with people in and around Franklin.  Looking at scripture Jesus would help us in the garden. Not everyone will be on board and some may even throw rocks, but Jesus does want us to build relationships with others.  We are to be disciples and make disciples.  Please pray for the project and allow God to lead us.

Pastor Mike Loudermilk
304-358-2989 (parsonage) 304-661-5542 (cell)