Franklin United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 17, 2019
Seeking, Sharing, and Serving Christ

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      Summer is quickly passing by.  It is hard to believe Leah will be going to the University of Charleston and Rachel will be going back to school in a few weeks.  The community garden is looking good.  There were eight potatoes in one hill.  Special thanks to all the people who help with the garden.

     The following quote was in my devotion this week.  “We need to drink deeply of the Lord and out of our innermost being, not merely a canal or channel. We need to drink deeply of the Lord, and out of our innermost depths shall flow rivers of living waters… Unfortunately, many living waters become dead waters after they have passed through a man’s innermost depths. A minister of God’s Word is to be the channel for giving living waters to people. The ministry of the Word is not merely objective, for the Word is the living water that has come forth after having been thoroughly digested within the minister himself. God does not want mere objective ministry. His Word must have the human element.”  Watchman Nee in Spiritual Discernment (New York: Christian Fellowship Publishers, Inc.) 38-39.1

      The last few years were difficult for our family because many loved ones have passed. It feels like a cloud hovering over us with the death of Jamie’s dad.  During times like this the waters that flow through us can become dead waters. The devotion reminded me that Jesus offers us living water.  Although life can be difficult, the water Jesus gives can still flow through our lives.  I believe this is where the Word has a human element.  People can see it flowing through us. The challenge then is allowing the water to flow. 

Pastor Mike